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Heat pumps our unique in that they do both the heating and cooling. In other words they work both as a furnace and as an air conditioner. Many homes and commercial structures in Lawrenceville are heated and cooled by heat pumps.

Heat pumps use energy to move heat from one area to another. This small amount of electricity that they can same makes them more efficient than other methods of heating such as furnaces. They simply transfer the heat instead of burning fuel to create heat.

RS Andrews can handle all of your heating and air conditioning service requirements including servicing repairing and installation of heat pumps by all the top manufacturers.

Commercial Heat Pump Repair by R.S. Andrews in Lawrenceville, GA

If your business uses a heat pump to keep your employees and clients comfortable, then you need a reliable heating and air-conditioning contractor that you can trust show up when they say they will, keep your system well-maintained and charge reasonable rates.

All Brands of Heat Pumps Maintained/Repaired in Lawrenceville, GA

The RS Andrews Lawrenceville GA heating and air conditioning team services heat pumps made by all the top manufacturers.