Should You Repair or Replace Old Johns Creek Furnaces?

It is a difficult choice to know when you should abandon your existing furnace and elect to purchase an entirely new one instead of making necessary repairs. Before making a decision, you need to gain a reasonable estimate of how well your current furnace will operate in the future. Call the R.S. Andrews Johns Creek Air Conditioning Repair team today.

For many people, they will lose money slowly through higher utility bills and repair costs. This is in contrast to putting out a large outlay of money to pay for a new furnace. New furnaces have the advantage of being more energy efficient than old appliances. New furnaces will also heat the home with fewer problems.

Why buy a two-stage and variable speed furnace?

A two-stage furnace in your Johns Creek home allows you to set different outputs for cold and mild days. It is not unusual to experience warm spells during the winter, a two-stage furnace means you can save money by reducing the heat output on those warm days and adjust quickly when the cold returns. A variable speed furnace is one that can blow at different rates. The benefit is that it gives you better control over how your home is heated or cooled. A variable speed furnace will allow you to set up zones and control the air that flows through them more effectively.

Furnace Filter

The furnace filter is usually located inside the blower compartment of the furnace. Whenever you inspect the filter or change it, turn off the power at your main circuit breaker to avoid injury. Not all filters are made equally. Low quality filters will not absorb as many particles from the air as will high quality filters. If you notice an increase in the amount of dust and other irritants in the air, it is a signal that it is time to change your filters. Some furnaces are fitted with separate system to accommodate High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) filters that remove even more particles from the air.

Call the Johns Creek Furnace Repair Contractor for Fall Preseason Furnace Check up

It is important to know how your furnace will perform before you need it to keep you out of the cold. A sensible step to take is to call in your HVAC contractor to evaluate your furnace in the fall, before the winter heating system. A trained professional heating and air technician will identify potential problems and make the repairs. Someone with experience will be able to tune your furnace so that it is operates optimally, saving you money on home utility bills.